Located in the north-eastern Kerala, Wayanad is touted as one among the 50 must-see destinations in the world by the National Geographic. The Lonely Planet recommends that Kerala is the family destination for holidays.
Wayanad offers a picturesque ambience and the vibes of tribal life combined with the tranquility of an amiable hill station makes it a nature's version of heaven on earth.

In Gods Own Country, humans live truly in the lap of nature.

Wayanad nestles in the Western Ghats, on the top of the Deccan plateau and is situated about 750 to 2100 meters above the sea level. Apart from its proximity to the nature, it experiences salubrious climate throughout the year which makes it ideal destination for an educational institution, where learning and healing blend with nature. 


  • Book Shop
  • Amphitheatre
  • Play grounds
  • Indoor Sports Complex
  • Super Market
  • Gymnasium
  • Bank 
  • Daycare
  • Travel Desk
  • Communication Centre
  • Laundry + Tailoring Unit
  • Food court
  • Meditation Centre
  • Other ancillary facilities

Complimented by nature's gift, WIMS plans to nurture and uphold a learning culture and a spirit of cohesiveness and compassion among its campus community with 5000 members. This will ensure continuity of our efforts to produce world-class medical professionals and to create a better future for the community we serve.