Department of Medicine occupies a unique and cardinal position in any health institution. In a teaching institution, it serves as a pivot for the entire structural framework. General Medicine is considered to be the trunk of a mighty tree, and the several branches, small and large are envisioned as specialties, sub-specialties and super specialties.

The Broad Concept of General Medicine or Internal Medicine as we call it now transcends the contours of curative service and merges with preventive, propagative, rehabilitative components of the Community Medicine which is essential to accomplish the dictum of health as physical, mental and social well- being.

The Department of General Medicine, at DM-WIMS is poised to take up these challenges. 

The Department is headed by Dr.C.Rajan, with 33 years of service in Government of Karnataka. Out of the 33 years, he has 18 years of teaching experience both in Mysore Medical College & Research Institute (MMCRI) and Bangalore Medical College & Research Institute (BMCRI). Besides Dr. Rajan, the Department has the services of 2 Associate Professors, 4 Assistant Professors, 2 Senior Residents and 7 Junior Residents. 


  • Joint ventures by ANS Research Centre by collaborating with Department of Physiology have already been started. The lab is situated to the Medicine Department in the Hospital DM-WIMS.
  • There are ongoing Research activities in the area of life style diseases, especially Metabolic Syndrome. Other topics of public interest include H-pylori infection and its response to treatment among the people of Wayanad. Many such topics from the realm of internal medicine have been discussed, this has also been documented in the print and visual media.
  • Dr.Shubha, being an experienced Endoscopist performs upper and lower Endoscopy procedures.
  • The Dialysis Unit has started functioning, under the guidance of a full time service of a Nephrologist, which is a great asset of the department.
  • We have fully functional 10- Bedded Medical ICU under the Department and ECHO facilities are also available.