Physiology aims to understand the mechanisms from molecular basis of cell function to the whole integrated behaviour of the entire body.

The Department of Physiology at DM WIMS is headed by Dr. S.A. Nafees with 26 years of teaching experience. Apart from her, the Department has 1 Professor, 2 Associate Professors, 4 Assistant Professors and 7 Tutors. The goal of the Department is to impart the knowledge of physiology, to acquire the skill of learning through cause - effective relationship, to visualize and logically analyze the processes in the human body.

This aim is achieved by teaching Physiology, using modern technological devices. The department shall soon introduce a Simulation Lab.

The department has:-

  • Excellent infrastructure, including well-equipped practical laboratories.
  • A Library of more than 100 books.
  • Well-equipped Research Laboratory
  • Autonomic Nervous system Laboratory at DM WIMS is set up for the benefit of diabetic patients and for stimulating young doctors towards research activity in Physiology.