DM Wayanad Institute of Medical Sciences (DM WIMS) aims to be among the top 10 teaching medical institutions in India by 2025. With state-of the-art infrastructure and excellent faculty, we aim to bring together- learning and healing, in a serene, eco-friendly campus.
Some of the main objectives for which the Trust has been founded are:
  • To promote education and provide medical care, without any profit motive.
  • To establish, manage, operate and run educational institutions for imparting scientific knowledge, skill development and medical service and its management.
  • To achieve the said objectives, the Trust will sponsor, develop and impart courses of study in allied branches, including higher education and research.
  • The Trust also will establish and maintain dispensaries, hospitals, maternity homes, welfare centers and other such institutions, especially in socially and educationally backward districts in Kerala state or at other places in India.

  • Training & Development of High Calibre Healthcare Professionals.
  • Quality Medical Care at Affordable Cost.
  • Medical Education concomitant with nature.
  • Improving Health Infrastructure.
  • Become one among top 10 Medical Academic Institutions in India within 10 years.
The Pursuit of Excellence is a part of our Dream.

In pursuance of our vision, to make DM WIMS a leading academic destination of the country, we shall nourish like tender saplings-the young students, by allying with leading institutions of India.

In a synergistic mode, through various programs and by enlisting the best faculty and visiting scholars from premier colleges across the world, we shall ensure a truly world class education to the young learners here.

Besides the academic infrastructure and operating initiatives, DM WIMS has in place long-term strategic plans to constantly monitor and deliver its objectives without dilution of standards in any way. This will ensure that pursuit of excellence remains constant in our plans.